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Zomercursus Salsaventura

Combo's (on 1)

Dave Paris

  • R-R L-L position, check turn, 123 open break cumbia 567 man turns right with back to lady
    123 567 arms down and then wrap over head
    123 567 CBL with arms behind back taking both hands in left hand
    123 prep take both hands in right hand 567 both turn
  • R-R L-L position, CBL inside turn, 123 man turns half right, 567 inside turn wrap
    123 prep 567 both turn + drop catch with right hand, 123 coppa turn out 567
  • R-R position, CBL inside turn, after turn stop her with left
    123 man half right turn, lead into half outside turn with right hand, on 67 half right turn man switching hand
    123 right turn
    man getting her by the waist, 567 draw her back, 123 prep, 567 turn out (both turn)
  • open position, double right turn into hammerlock, 123 basic putting own left hand in neck, 567 drop catch
    123 567 lead lady to other side besides your right, holding hands low, after 7 let right hand go
    123 567 lead lady to other side in CBL outside turn path with scoop, keep own body in same direction, switch to right hand after 7, then switch back to left hand
    123 prep into butterfly 567 inside turn wrap, 123 prep 567 turn her
  • open position 123 she makes left turn wrapping her in arms, you make 90 deg turn left
    567 slide left letting her lean on your right side
    123 drop her in front of you <dip!> etc...
  • R-R position, 1-7 right turn, 123 loop and put right hand in her neck
    567 she walks left turn in front of you wrapping her in 123 <dip!> 567 turn out


  • Outside turn, right turn man, right turn woman, 123 cumbia with right arm in her neck, 567 draw back, finish with outside turn
  • R-R position, lady right turn, man Drop&Catch behind his neck
    123 half right turn man taking her hand, 567 half right turn wrap
    123 basic 567 turn her into hammerlock with right hand
    123 567 she does double outside turn on his right side, give speed at 2
    pull across, free spin, cross body plus
  • L over R position, 123 cumbia, 567 man hook turn letting right hand slide on left shoulder
    123 butterfly 567 draw back 123 hand toss on 2 catch behind back 567 finish CBL 123 567 CBL with turn man out of his own hammerlock
  • double right turn into hammerlock, 123 drop left hand outside turn woman, man turns left twice getting his right hand to his back
    123 567 half left turn into wrap, 123 basic, 567 turn her then turn self right
    123 break open bringing her to other side, 567 double inside turn
  • R over L, right turn lady, 123 cumbia with right arm in her neck
    5 back 6 front 7 she goes under right arm, 123 567 outside turn
    123 cumbia, let go of right hand after 3, 567 both turn
    123 right turn man wrapping his left arm behind his back, 567 circle around her
  • double right turn, double outside turn into hammerlock, outside turn, basket whip

Dance4all (cuban)

  • basic 1 L on the spot 2 R to eachother 3 L close 5 R on the spot 6 L back 7 R close
  • enchoufa step 1 L on the spot, 2 R walk, 3 L walk, 5 R on the spot and turn, 6 L walk, 7 R walk
  • from R-R 123 enchoufa step her arm behind her back, take left hand in left hand, 567 enchoufa back
    123 cumbia get opposed to her by bringing R over her head during 1, 567 walk and sombrero
    123 start cuban CBL, 567 inside turn guiding with left hand on her right shoulder from 6
    1 catch with R on back Coca Cola turn 23 567
  • start with cuban right turn, R over L start turn on 1, walk through turn to 7
    123 enchoufa holding both hands, hold R low, 567 walk walk walk and put L behind own neck
    123 walk forward turning her behind your back, 567 man right turn, ending up in L over R
    123 enchoufa 567 man turns right under R, L on his back
    123 walk in circle, swap L to front, 567 man turns right under both arms
    123 enchoufa sombrero CBL


  • 1-7 right turn with full drop and catch turn, 1-7 lead inside turn besides right side, ending with back to the lady, right hand on own left shoulder
    123 swap hands behind back and turn right to lady, 567 double right turn
    1 break 2 draw both hands to chest 3 both turn with backs to each other, 567 flow to butterfly
    1-7 single check turn, 1-7 break into double inside turn behind own back (on 123 stretch left hand towards her)
  • hammerlock + turn right ending with back to her switching hands behind back during turn
    1-7 outside turn besides left, switch to right hand after first turn, turn self left switch hand to left
    open break into spot turn ending with drop and catch
    take other hand and lead outside turn, after outside turn end with back to her by turning left wrapping arms around self
    123 step to the left releasing right hand and taking it back on right side, 567 into butterfly
    1-7 single check turn, 123 turn left putting left hand behind own back 567 half inside turn ending with backs at eachother, 123 keep turning left and lead her into an inside turn with left, stopping her in the end with right
    123 half turn lady stopping her, 567 left turn man