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List of steps together

  • basic step
  • basic side step
  • cumbia basis
  • right turn woman
    • closed dance position
    • open dance position
    • open dance position, holding right hand
    • right-right hand
  • right turn man
    • with arm over own head
    • with hands low, taking over behind back
  • both right turn (man steps to the side on 5 and turns under his arm on 67)
  • left turn (starts as right turn, with check)
  • cross-body lead
    • regular
    • man just stepping back standing still (not moving during 123)
    • man right turn on 123
    • not turning on 123, she goes straight under left arm, he steps in place on 56, right turn on 7
  • open break
    • open break + spot turn
      • regular (3 step)
      • regular + open break + spot turn
      • fake into reverse inside turn
      • 9-step
      • 9-step 7-8-9: fake, instead of regular 9 step man turns under left arm
    • open break + hip turn
    • open break + hammerlock
      • regular
      • with loop
    • open break + toll gate
      • regular
      • with reverse turn
      • with right turn
    • open break + stop-and-go
      • left hand, right stop
      • right hand stop (stop with left hand shoulder check)
      • right hand stop (stop with right arm, good from open break after right turn)
      • both hands over head and back (from open position)
      • both hands turning high
      • both hands turning low
      • crossed hands (left-left over right-right), keep high, or one side high, or keep low
      • block at shoulders
      • block at hips
      • block at knees
      • block with foot at knees
      • from open position, keep hands low or around neck
  • right turn + open break + ... (any combination)
  • cross body lead + open break + ... (any combination)
  • shoulder check
    • ... + right turn (ending in R-R hand position)
    • ... + chacha move + both turn
  • butterfly (shoulder check holding both hands, starts from cross body lead with left-left over right-right hands)
  • box (starts with crossed hands right over left,ends with left over right)
    • regular
    • ... + loop
    • Asi variation, with left hand, guiding with right hand
  • tuck turn (outside turn)
  • Inside turn
    • from closed dance position
    • from open dance position
    • from open dance position + hold hands, turn and stand beside, woman walks back, another inside turn (ends in Senteta)
    • holding shoulders (or holding only left shoulder)
    • hand in neck after loop
    • with left connection, to shoulder check (by stopping her on 7 with R)
    • from L-L, afterwards half RT man tossing the L connection to catch on right side
  • Mentira (starts looking like Cross body lead, but instead woman makes a swirl, S turn, give pressure with hands to form a barrier she cannot pass)
  • Senteta (or hammerlock)
    • (get into senteta position by) Right turn from open position, holding both hands, lift left hand
    • (get into senteta position by) Inside turn combo
    • (get into senteta position by) Open break + right side cross body lead turn, lift left hand up
    • (from senteta position) turn out (like cross body lead)
    • (from senteta position) stop & go
  • Coppa
    • half turn
    • inside turn
    • from left over right
    • hip block with both hands
    • shoulder block with both hands
    • free spin
    • from open position right turn holding hands (coppa shoulder block)
    • open break to shoulder block
    • open break to hip block
    • from open position right turn, turn back to back spreading hands like butterfly
    • he does right turn (three quarters, holding left hand behind back), side step open break, block behind back
    • he does 2 right turns (holding left hand behind back), then coppa block behind back
    • she starts with left turn (567), during her turn he turns right. Coppa with block behind back
    • his right turn like coppa after basket whip
    • basket whip from coppa turn out
    • from L over R, into shouder check (stopping her on her shoulder on 7)
    • .... (after coppa while turning out) hold hand low (into 'hammerlock'??) during 567, he does right turn offering right hand on 123, she turns out on 567 (he can turn too)
    • ....
  • Pull Across
    • stepping beside her on 123 from open position
    • stepping beside her on 123 from open position, under own right arm
    • stepping beside her on 123 from RR position, under own right arm
    • ... + inside turn on 567
    • ... + shoulder check on 567
    • can do Pull Across as a 'fake' shoulder check
  • Chouffa / He goes she goes (cuban)
    • under left arm
    • sliding, right arm goes over left arm
    • she under left arm, he under right arm
    • hook turn on 567
    • ... back into stop & go
  • Basket Whip
    • From pull across
    • From inside turn (open position)
    • From open break/Stop&Go start
    • Man turning around ladies left side moving to her left side while she does basic step
  • Tunnel
    • (straight) R-R, (1-7) right turn lady, (1-7)left turn man, 123 open break tunnel, 567 backward tunnel
    • (hook) box start: (1-7) right turn lady, 123 box (keeping right low behind own back), 567 hook turn (with 2 tunnels)
  • Turning around eachother (from open position, cumbia steps) (thx to Irv)
    1-7 into hammerlock, 123 turn her towards you, 567 turn self under left, 123 turn her back to your back with left arm, 567 both turn under your right arm
  • Drop & Catch (... 567 she turns, and he turns to the left, 180, then drop hand and catch)
    • + regular CBL
    • + inside turn
    • + inside turn holding hand
    • + stop & back + ...
    • + shoulder check
    • + butterfly
    • + toss & free spin
    • man turns 360 instead of 180, + shoulder check
  • Throw up
    123 567: CBL inside turn holding both hands
    123 back basic

    alternative: 123 walk in circle (man backward, woman forward)
    5 'throw' 67 woman backwards through tunnel
    123 into basic
    567 double turn woman
  • Bacardi
    123 567 right turn lady from right over left position
    1-7 CBL Inside turn
    123 turn back towards her, going under own right arm
    567 free spin
  • Tequila (D'angelo)
    (He goes she goes)
    open position, stop (at hip) and go (stop with wrap L in her neck)
    123 cumbia where he moves his Right connection the his left shoulder after it went over her head
    567 hook turn man under his Left connection, let right connection slide into dance position