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Shines / Turn Patterns




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Shines (on 1)

  • 1-8 heel heel toe toe heel heel toe toe
    1-3 RT 5-7 HookRT

Intermediate Combo's (on 1)

  • Inside Turn
    DRT + hook turn man switch hands to R-R,
    DRT, offer L over R
    Butterfly paperclip with wave, to R-R over L-L
    inside turn into shoulder check holding both hands low
    open break to step in front of her, 567 RT + HLT man
    1 switch to R-R to L, 23 HRT man + flick (accent with foot on 3), 567 catch with L
  • R over L, RT with L low to HL
    loop and inside turn
    man RT, hook turn
    CBL man HRT
    break into paperclip, belly stop, ending in L-L
    L-L inside turn
    123 man RT with L low on back, 5 sidestep under own L arm, 67 man LT
  • R over L, (D)RT toss on 7
    Inside turn wrap with R high
    around her neck
    123 prep 567 (D)RT
    loop man CBL switch to R-R
    1-3 enchoufa stop her with L on shoulder, 567 man (double) hook turn
    loop man CBL
  • RT to HL
    open break (man quarter LT) 5 pull across (behind back) with left, 6 twist with right 7 slide left along her right to L-L
    open break SLT
    man HRT to walk in the park, 567 free spin + Coca cola
    123 man RT (left behind back), 567 cicrle with R + toss
    1 toss with L, catch R-R, DRT
  • Inside turn from open position to shoulder hold (facing her back)
    123 prep 567 she DRT, he moves to the other side with a HLT on 5 passing her
    L-R Inside turn, stopping her after 1 turn with L on her Right shoulder
    123 open break with R behind back, moving in front of her to her left side, switch to R-R
    567 inside turn into neck U-turn moving her to step forward on 1 walking on 23, 567 DRT
  • RT to HL, 123 enchoufa, 567 break back to move in front of her, going under own right arm window, 123 box, 567 DRT to open position
    Inside Turn to shoulder stop holding both hands
    123 break and move in front of her, 567 move her to open position on right side, man left arm behind his back
    123 break 567 scoop lady right turn to basket whip position
    123 basket whip (she goes from right to left) 567 walk back 1 flick 567 turn out with right hand
  • half open L-R, RT + man LT to open position
    Inside Turn, 1 she steps forward towards the other side again 23 to half outside turn (to RTWrap from open pos)
    Escort Left turn man to open position
    CBL walk half right turn lady (to RTWrap from open pos)
    123 man HLT and left arm to left side (she stands behind you) 567 loop with the R-L connection
    1 break to paperclip
    L-L inside turn
  • R-R RT Pizza turn
    123 Coppa R-R pressure and block with R arm on her shoulder, 567 turn out into check
    (D)RT, loop, L-L inside turn to Coca Cola
    L-R RT + man hook turn switch hands to R-R, offer L-L
    123 coppa fake into draw back, Loop with L, CBL
  • R over L, RT to HL
    paperclip/butterfly, holding hands low
    Inside Turn holding both hands into wrap (right arm low in front of her, check with L-L connection, she has her right behind her back)
    DRT to L-L
    123 switch to R-L with HLT man, 567 inside turn keeping/wrapping her on his right side
    123 walk forward, 567 (D)ouside turn
    1 loop with R-L (his hand over her head) to L-R hold, 567 CBL HRT man under his left arm
  • R-R DRT man LT
    offer L over R, coppa prep, lady 1.5 right turn in reverse CBL direction
    loop with R walking her back, and forward again on 5 HRT under R-R connection
    R over L RT into HL, loop CBL turn
    man 1.5 LT on 8-1 switch hand to R-L, inside turn free spin + RT man
    L-R escort turn to LL-RR
    break to embrace and draw back, man HLT under L-L switch to R-L
    CBL walk under R-L