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Advanced steps together

  • (2A) Cross body lead inside turn holding left hand low (123 567) + man's right hand over his head to his back (123) + pizza (5) and turn her back (67) + open break inside turn at the right side (123) + turn back together (567)
  • (2A) 123 basic, right hand hold, 5 she starts right turn, he steps to the right, 67 both finish their turn
    123 coppa (she moves in front of him) 567 she turn out (1.5 turn) holding right hand, block with left
    123 (bounce in front, right hand over head after bounce) 567 move her behind back
    123 chacha bounce 567 both do chacha turn
  • (2A) 123 567 cross body lead hand on hip, turn with her
    123 she moves back, hold her with hands at hips, 567 move her past you, pull her back (and duck.. ;) )
    123 coppa-like move (her in front of you), 567 she makes 1.5 turn
  • (visser & ter beek workshop combo)
    cross-body lead (123 567)
    (123) open break, holding her back (standing behind her, right hand in front of her neck, left behind her back, her arm 90 degree angle)
    (567) turn her right under left arm, while making a hook turn (5 cross right behind left and turn right), swap hands on 7/8
    offer left hand over right
    (123 567) cross body lead inside turn holding both hands, make right turn on 67, during turn (7) move own right hand to own left shoulder and let her hand slide
    offer right hand over left
    (123) regular
    (567) she makes a double right turn
    (123) she does body roll, starting cross body lead
    (567) end cross body lead
  • (Workshop salsamotion) right turn + slide right hand on 567
    CBL, 123 (check) 567 right turn (lady) (into L over R position)
    Butterfly + lead her behind back (right side) holding own R low behind own back
    Half tunnel under left arm, let go of right hand, she makes 1.5 turn on 567
    CBL with hands low. after that 123 with loop into CBL
  • (Workshop salsamotion) (Left over Right pos) CBL (left hand over head on 123, left turn man on 567)
    123 basic, right turn lady on
    half right turn man on 123, change hands on 567 doing right to left sidestep (she does lady styling)
    CBL into butterfly behind his back
    check and lead back
    half basic (123), she does right turn with strechted right arms against eachother (567)
    make circle with arms on 123, switch her right arm L-R and throw it behind back
    Coppa behind back
  • (Workshop salsamotion) (open position) CBL with loop right hand man over her head on 1, half outside turn lady on 7
    123 coppa 567 wrap 123 prep 567 double right into hammerlock 123 prep 567 outside turn besides right side into drop and catch
    123 567 drop and catch stop and go, 123 stop and go 567 half turn right let go of right hand
    123 567 inside turn lead with left arm
  • (Workshop D'Angelo)
    CBL Inside Turn
    R-R DRT met hook/scoop, drop/catch releasing R-R connection, catching with L behind back
    Paparclip to L-L connection
    Inside turn
    Inside turn wrap low with L-L connection
    123 5-check 67 double left turn
  • (Workshop D'Angelo)
    R over L Double Check Turn + toss
    inside turn to shoulder check position
    123 open break and step in front of her, 567 she turns right behind him, he turns half left towards her, she ends in hammerlock
    loop and inside turn, man left turn on 7
    123 walk in the park half left turn man, 567 free spin, man RT, into coca cola
  • (Workshop Randalph)
    L over R, inside turn to hammerlock
    1 toss left, catch with right 2 left takes her hand behind back 3 half right turn man under right arm
    5 right arm down back to back 6 left up 7 half turn right ending in normal hammerlock
    1 open break 23 enchoufa to open position
    4 prep for toss with right, 5 toss right + hook turn, 6 switch left to right behind back 7 catch toss
    123 coppa butterfly, 567 turn out with right holding both hands high (left straight up) getting into hand knot
    123 right turn man both hands high, 567 hook turn left low
    1 loop with right 23 CBL switch hands to open position 567 inside turn left low right high into hammerlock
    1 turn to get left shoulder towards her 2 toss with right upwards 3, 5 bounce with butt 67 catch with right
    1-7 outside turn with right hand
  • (Workshop D'Angelo)
    Inside Turn
    123 right turn man (left on back) 567 right hand circle swing to toss on 7
    catch on 1 high with left - to prep on 3, DRT + man half RT on 7
    1 D&C 2 toss 3 L-L 567 inside turn
    123 man HRT to pull across outside turn with L-L
    to L over R Paperclip into loop man CBL into open position
    1-7 prep and SRT into hand knot
    CBL escort turn lead with left pizza with right
  • (Workshop Paul)
    CBL escort
    SRT from open position holding hands into handwrap (fast turn on 5, style on 67)
    Slow Inside turn, continue lead on 7 to give her another left turn on 123 leading with right, left going low after 7 to end up on Hammerlock on 3. On 3 use pressure to make her move forward behind your back
    5 right arm man down into back-to-back butterfly, 67 finish man HRT under left arm into normal hammerlock
    1 toss her right arm behind her back (sidestep to left for man) 3 catch with left
    567 she turns right, he turns right on 7 ending with
    his left arm behind his back
    1 open break 2 lead her into a reverse outside turn 3 right lower arm against her right lower arm
    5 she continues the RCBT, man sidestep in her old place getting her hand, 6, 7 man HLT
    1 open break into serpent/snake 23 getting her left hand, 567 RCBL into L over R
    CBL escort with right arm low, man turns under his left arm (+bonus turn?) + loop & finish