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Shines (on 1)

  • Suzie Q variation:
    (123) Suzie Q (56781) Suzie Suzie Q (3) Plus (567) Suzie Q
  • Standing Slides:
    (123) basic , 5 (right on the place) 67 forward slide with left foot, 1 (left on the place) 23 backward slide with right foot, (and repeat)
  • Tripple O-legs
    (123) basic, (567) O movements with legs, knees out and in
  • Cha-cha shine
  • Slide with ancle clap follow-up:
    (123) basic (567) slide (8) clap ancles
    (stand on toes)
  • Grapevines (syncopated):
    1 cross left over right, 2 right step back, 3 left to middle
    4 cross right over left, 5 left step back, 6 right to middle
    7, 8 walk
  • Flare (syncopated)
    1 cross left over right, 2 right 90 degree angle, 3 left front, 4 left to standing position

    5 cross right over left, 6 left 90 degree angle, 7 right front, 8 right to standing position
Combo's (on 1)
  • (Haarlem, nr. 1)
    basic (preparation), R-R hold
    (123) basic, (567) right turn (combine with left hand under right), on 7 toss right hand (down)
    (1) toss left hand down while crossing right over left, (23) turn right into CBL position, (567) outside turn
    (1) toss right hand, hair comb with left hand (loop), (123) step into CBL, (567) outside turn (taking ladies right hand in left)
    (123) prepare
    towards open position, (567) she does right turn, lead with right wrapping around her neck
    (1) stretch left hand to the left, (2) let left hand go, guide with right hand, (3) circle toss with right hand
    (567) catch with right hand, (123) basic (567) loop over man with her both arms
  • (Haarlem, nr. 2) (from open position)
    (123) basic, (567) she does double right turn into Hammerlock
    (1) step to her left, (2) step and she turns, (3) *bang* into wide standing position
    (5) step right with right foot, both arms high, right one a bit higher, (6) turn (7) release own left hand and catch her hand again (into open position, left hand almost shoulder height, right hand high)
    (1) bring her right hand to her left shoulder and toss her left hand (23) into CBL position
    (567) she does double outside turn in CBL, into arm position where she has her right hand high and her left hand over her right arm, holding both hands (left in right, right in left)
    (1) turn left under left arm, (2) continue turn under right arm, moving right arm down (3) finish turn under left arm into man-hammerlock position
    (5) haircomb + pull her into CBL with right hand behind own back, (67) outside turn into hand position as after previous CBL
    (1) step with left foot turning on (23) to behind her, (5) step with right foot besides her, right hand over her head, (67) step under own left hand, let her hand slide and catch with right (she now stands behind his back)
    (123) 1.5 right turn man, (567) 2 right turns woman
  • (Den Haag, nr. 1 int/adv) (from open position)
    123 567 right turn leading with right hand holding both
    123 567 Orville toss with right hand lock
    123 basic 567 double turn lady
    123 open break to position behind lady
    567 lady right turn into hammerlock
    1 left arm down 23 turn left under left arm
    4 prep 567 rainbow walk around lady into 'cuddle', she turns left
    1 step forward 'tunnel', lead with right, 23 turn & comb
    567 turn out
  • (Den Haag, nr 1 advanced) (from right handshake position)
    123 567 right turn lady (holding both hands)
    123 comb with right, lead with left into CBL
    5 elbow up! inside turn 67
    123 duck under own right arm 567 turn out
  • (Den Haag, nr 2 advanced) (from right handshake position)
    123 567 (double) right turn lady
    123 step behind her (open break)
    567 walk around her into CBL position
    123 right turn man (right arm up, left in own neck and release)
    567 right turn man (right arm up)
    123 prep CBL, dropping left while right arm goes up
    567 oudside turn into hammerlock, switch hands
    123 left arm stretch prep
    4 begin turning lady
    567 lady completes 2 left turns, step towards her left side (besides her)
    123 walk forward
    567 turn her into hammerlock
  • (Den Haag, 16-10-04 beginners)
    shines 1-7 heel clap, 1-7 cha-cha, 1-7 slide (step-slide-close) (step-slide-close)
    open position, to hammerlock
    123 open break, to T position, stopping her from turning with right hand, comb with left
    567 walk behind her, stretching left hand to the left
    123 hook turn in front of her scooping with left, 567 fake into left turn lady
  • (Den Haag, 16-10-04 intermediate) (from open position)
    1-7 double turn lady + right turn man
    123 toss with left, raise right hand, 567 hook turn into man's hammerlock
    123 open break + switch hand to front + comb lady with left hand
    567 draw back and fake left turn on 7/8
    1-7 CBL outside turn, follow with toss
  • (Den Haag, 16-10-04 advanced)
    inside turn to CBL-plus, on 567 man turns right
    1 pull her to front, man turns right, draw her back signal at hips on 3-5
    567 draw back, stopping her with own hip or shoulder
    123 pop/prep 567 inside free spin lady
    into CBL-plus (close together) 5 power step man with left foot 67 double spin man + spin lady
    123 CBL 567 inside turn into hammerlock
    123 man turn half right put left hand in own neck
    567 right hook turn man ending in same position
    123 prep 5 CBL lead 67 right turn man into own hammerlock
    123 prep & toss