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Combo's (on 1)

  • CBL inside turn leading with left turning her arm behind her back, man turns right instead of left
    lead outside turn with right hand holding it low into senteta
    inside turn to open position
    double turn swapping hands into L over R
    coppa (on 123, walk around her on 567) or basket whip (she does basic, man goes around her)
    123 open break 567 outside turn wrapping her, turn own back left to her, left arm over own head
    123 basic (release right) 567 turn arm behind her back
    sombrero CBL finish
  • open break into senteta
    123 left arm over own head lead her besides left side into inside turn
    123 pull across / free spin
  • Drop and catch, 123 toss right hand in the air 567 pull across holding left hand
    123 prep for pull across 567 free spin
    123 open break with left hand holding her right 567 outside turn along right side, holding low into senteta
    1-7 outside turn 123 man half left turn 567 man left turn holding right low, drop&catch
    123 prep 567 double turn 123 prep CBL 567 free spin
  • inside turn with R hand high, L hand low into reverse senteta
    drop and catch/switch R hand to get the connection below the other
    123 basic 567 inside turn under L arm