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Shines (on 1)

  • 123 56 7 kick right 8 tap R right and face right 1 step with R
    2 kick with L 3 tap with L 4 move left with L
    5 R toe together 6 R heel 7 toe 8 R step right
    1 L toe 2 L heel 3 L toe 4 L step
    5-8 tap with R: LRLL, 1-4 tap with R: R, Left hand in front, R, cross behind
    5 L step forward 6 R cross behind 7 R step behind 8 L cross forward
    1 L step forward 2 R cross behind 3 R tap front 4 R cross behind 5-7 slide back

Shines (on 2)

  • (right turn on 7): 123 prep 5 cross right over left, 6 left step left, 7 turn right on right

Combo's (on 1)

  • open position, double turn lady with right hand
    step under right offering left hand into inside turn wrapping her
    123 prep, 567 double turn holding right low then turn self, getting into senteta
    double inside turn turn her hand on back, prep double turn and turn man
  • double R turn lady, inside turn with both hands (pull across)
    123 man R turn, 567 R turn lady to hammerlock, 7 man hook turn
  • from open position break 123 into enchoufa (left hand),
    567 get other hand as well and make a left turn
    123 right turn man 567 she turns right then he, into senteta
  • CBL while man remains in the original direction
    outside turn along left side, ending with mans left hand low, her arm behind her back
    offer other hand, outside turn
    123 man half left turn 567 man left turn holding right low, drop&catch
    123 prep 567 double turn
    enchoufa, 567 arms in the air, 123 arms go down to hips 567 inside turn
  • CBL while man remains in the original direction
    123 outside turn 5 switch hand to right hand 67 she makes an outside turn and he makes a left turn holding his right hand behind his back (potiontial finish here)
    123 offer left hand, 567 hook tunnel inside turn (or fake tunnel)
    release left hand, inside turn into Hammerlock
    123 L hand to her shoulder, 567 outside turn, after 7 step back to back
    1 2(small push) 3, offer L hand, 567 turn out
  • reverse coppa, with left hand on her right shoulder, right hand into air + scoop
    turn out reverse and man turns right with L arm behind his back
    coppa with stopping by sliding L hand along her arm
    567 turn out into shoulder check
  • double right turn into hammerlock, prepare by R cross front instead of normal
    123 extended enchouffa turn, she turns more and he steps behind her on 3
    finish 1: 567 pull back 1 pop 23 etc...
    finish 2: 5 pull back 6 7 R cross in front, get in front of her, 1 open break etc...
  • open position, lead inside turn holding back, move to her other side on 123, inside turn + turn man
  • (Int 1) butterfly, RT into hammerlock, loop, inside turn, man half left turn + haircomb (123), inside turn lady lead with right hand moving from her right to her left hip
  • R over L, RT, sombrero complicado to inside turn holding both hands, man half right turn with back to her (123), side step wrapping the man, reverse inside turn
  • 360, 360, open break hammerlock, loop R into L-L connection (123), L inside turn holding L low, 123 prep, 567 SLT
  • Drop and Catch, 123 half right turn to face her for a RT lady. Paperclip with both hands high op 5 instead of wrapping into hammerlock on 5