Getting a High Page Rank: Introduction

This page gives you some pointers to increase your google page rank.

You can see your pagerank in the google toolbar, or you can display it on your webpage like this: Page Rank Checker

Some time ago, there were quite some search engines that were popular, like yahoo and some others. These days, at least 80% of the internet searches is done by google. About 30% of the hits are achieved by entering a direct url or a link from another website, and 70% of the hits is achieved by a link from a search engine. (These numbers are not really accurate, but they give you an idea of the current state of affairs). This indicates that there are 2 main things that are important if you wish to be found on the internet:

Some years ago meta tags were quite popular to relate keywords to a website, in order for search engines to find that website. Also, the search indexing (ro)bots could be mislead by making fake pages or adding sneaky content to a website.

Nowadays, the indexing bots have become more advanced and are equipped with algorithms to prevent misleading tricks to get artificial high page ranks in search engines. What really counts is the contents of the website.

Important Aspects of a high Page Rank

You will excel on getting a high page rank if you consider the following items:

How to make a search-friendly website

Google has provided a good help on what is important. You can read tips about getting found in the Google guide for Webmasters.

To make your website friendly for search engines, read the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

You can help the indexing bots even more by regularly providing them with a Google site map.

Understanding how page rank is calculated

On you can read how the page rank is being calculated.

Displaying Page Rank

To display your page rank, check out Page Rank Checker

Getting connected

To really get a good ranking, you have to be well connected to the rest of the internet. When highly-ranked pages link to you, your ranking increases significantly. What also helps is linking to a friends' site, and having the friend make a link back. This increases how much you are connected on the web.

You can increase your ranking by adding a page like this example page to your website, connect it to the rest of your website, and get some of your friends to link to you. If you link to them, they are more likely to link back to you.

If you are interested, ask Thorsten to make a link to your website and add it to his link page. If you link to him, he will also link back. This will help both websites!


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