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This page gives you some pointers to increase your google page rank.

You can see your pagerank in the google toolbar, or you can display it on your webpage like this: Page Rank Checker

You can increase your ranking by adding a page like this to your website, and asking the people that you link to to link back as well. You can also download this example page, to add it to your website. It's easy!

If you find this page useful, please add a link to this page on your website. That would help to increase the rank of www.thorstengragert.nl, and it will help your own ranking as well if you ask Thorsten to add a link back to your own homepage.

Help on getting found by Google

If you are interested to learn more about this subject, read the Help.

Who links to you?

Check out any of these websites:

Another way to find out is to enter a query in a search engine like this:
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www.thorstengragert.nl Thorsten's other main website!
www.thorstengragert.nl/Salsa Thorsten's old salsa website
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www.planet.nl/~ThorstenGragert Thorsten's website on planet.nl
www.atompro.com AtomPro is the company where Thorsten works.
www.tdtf.nl TDTF is a foundation that is related to AtomPro.
Business Websites owned by Thorsten's Friends
www.cande.nl This website belongs to Martin Meuwese, one of Thorstens collegues and friends. He has a company that hosts and builds websites for other companies.
www.bons.nl This website belongs to Peter Bonsma. He has his own company which sells computers and accesoires.
www.sibren.nl This website belongs to Sibren, a graphical designer who has just started his own company. Sibren also plays a good game of squash. Usually he beats Thorsten :-(
www.silverblade.nl This website belongs to Dennis Baas. He is an independent consultant providing IT services.
www.despeelweide.nl This website belongs to Trang Hang. She has written and published her own Childrens Book.
Personal Websites owned by Thorsten's Friends
www.erni-online.com The homepage of Erwin Davidse
www.caal.net Casper Albers, one of Thorstens High School friends. He has a very popular Queen site.
www.rijntje.nl Marijn en Casper
members.lycos.nl/MarcelHunting/rate.htm Marcel Hunting's Stratego Website
www.xs4all.nl/~mkeuning/ The homepage of Michel Keuning

Get Connected

If you would like to be added to the links listed on this page, please send an email to the webmaster. You can create your own page like this by copying this page and adding it to your website.